Author Topic: Change destination tag during sync and leave it unchanged in the original lib?  (Read 768 times)


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Hi everyone,
I have a full-bodied music library with tags generated by MusicBrainz.
I use MusicBee mainly to synchronize the main music library with some external devices: car hard disk and two mobility libraries.
In external devices I need to have slightly different tags than those of the main library and I want the main library to remain absolutely unchanged.
For example, the car media server does not use the <Disc #> tag, so to maintain the sorting of the tracks I need that - just for the car - the <track #> tag becomes something like $IsNull(<Disc #>,1<Disc #>)<Track #>.
I've created a virtual tag, but of course it's just for sorting MusicBee lists.
How do I change the <Track #> tag of the destination files during sync?

Thanks, bye.