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I have so many podcasts I'm trying right now. Some I know I like. Some, we'll see. But there's so many I can't keep them all straight.

Podcasts need a mechanic similar to music, where I can either heart them (favorite) or star them (ratings). Then on "unplayed episodes" maybe the podcasts could be sorted by those ratings.

I've seen others suggest a layout similar to iTunes. I don't care what the solution is, but podcasts need an improvement. I like using MusicBee for podcasts even though it's not portable because it's one of the few that let me put in podcasts from all over, and many of the podcasts I listen to are niche items not on mainstream players.


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Agree. I've been rating all of the listened podcasts with stars, that is the only way to mark them as listened without downloading.

But something happened and I lost all my ratings. All missing after I deleted podcast thumbnails (hoping it would refresh images). But that caused all ratings to be lost.

EDIT: Subscriptions.bak didn't contain anything useful. All ratings still missing. I guess all the ratings are stored in library .mbl file.
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For the next v3.4 update I have added a right click command to love a subscription and for the subscriptions panel to filter and only show the loved subscriptions