Author Topic: Create A Simple "Skin Adjustment" WIZARD  (Read 1794 times)

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I am impressed with all the work the skin developers have done!
Excellent work!

But Steven could write a simple "Skin Adjustment Wizard" to make minor changes!
Something that is easy for the casual end-user to use.

I'm using the Dark Fine-Tuned Bordeaux Skin!
But the white font on black is too dark!
I can't see the A-Z Jump Bar!

It would be nice if there was a WIZARD that would allow me to make minor changes!
Rather than creating another dozen Dark Fine-Tuned Skins, just allow the end user
to generate a new skin file with this Wizard!

The Wizard has to be designed so that it is impossible to create a font that is the same color as the background.
Dark Fine-Tuned comes close to that somewhat.

Maybe Steven doesn't have to write it?
Can one of you skin "experts" write it?
This will make your skins more versatile if the end user can tweak them!
And you don't need to program as many variations yourselves!
That way you can focus on creation of entirely new skins that dare to push the limits!

What happened to "Radioactive Green"?