Author Topic: Couple questions about tagging  (Read 988 times)

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I'm using the latest version of MB (3.2.something) and have been running into some issues regarding my tagging process.

I dump my music into a folder which is linked to my inbox, where I will do any tagging adjustments.

One problem that's been bugging me is that when I use auto-tag, "album artist" is unchecked by default. If I leave this unchanged and unchecked then anything that previously was listed in "album artist" will be replaced with nothing (null, blank). This has resulted in many entries not having any "album artist" info, which is hardly the desired result <finding these tracks was a bit of a pain since I can never get an autoplaylist with "album artist has no value" to work>. Not sure if this is something related to how my preferences are set, but I can't find anything relevant

Another problem I'm having is related to artwork. My preference is to have any artwork embedded, and when I'm doing my tagging I will take any linked images (cover, front) and switch them to embedded. Sometimes this will stick, sometimes it won't.
I can go over to the artwork manager, and it will show the files only have embedded artwork, but after moving those files to my library and rechecking them with the artwork manager the same files will show with linked artwork (in addition to embedded)
Any idea why changing/removing linked artwork isn't consistently happening?