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The LG V30 is still floating around. It was a great phone for audio.

It's not a user replaceable battery but I replaced one for a friend without any fire or death. It was a little fiddly though.


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I have two LG V20s and a V30. The V30 is my daily phone and has a 256GB card installed (my music is only about half of that to date, and I always need some photo/video storage space). I use it for music mostly in my car where it connects immediately with my after-market bluetooth for music and calls, but also still use it through wired and BT head- and earphones for music. I play my own music through the VLC app, and stream Amazon Music Unlimited (loads of HD offerings included now), a subscription which just replaced Spotify Premium. Note that the V series DAC virtues are only available/only kick in through a wired connection with relatively (at least) high-impedance head or earphones. The V20s are backup music players and I use them to share my music and subscription with loved ones.

NB: I now also have a HiBy R3 Saber music player that sounds even better than my Vs, especially through its balanced output, although the software doesn't compare to VLC. The larger screens are another plus for the LGs. The HiBy is also equipped with BT, but I've ignored that -only testing it briefly to make sure it worked at all. One big advantage of the HiBy is that it enhances all wired headsets and all/any- resolution files. The R3 built-in memory is only for its OS, etc., and requires an SD card to play the stored music. I have a 256GB card in that too. The HiBy is designed to work with Tidal and Qobuz as well, but no other subscriptions to date; so, mine plays only my music beautifully.


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Thank the three of you for taking the time to write your responses! 

Música, I appreciate you mentioning the HiBy R3 Pro Saber.  After looking into it, my gut feeling is that would be the best replacement for my iPod and the systems I've developed for using it along with iTunes.  It seems very strange to me that this device never appeared on any of the lists I found discussing best alternatives to the iPod, especially since this seems like exactly what I've been looking for since the iPod touch came out: a dedicated music player (since that's all I want to use it for : ) that is reliable and manages my numerous music files well.

To everyone, I appreciate your further discussion of the merits of the V20 and V30.  I'll keep those in mind as another great option if I find the R3 too frustrating.

Thanks again!


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I've recently ventured back into the dedicated DAP scenario, and initially got myself the Walkman A55. The last of the A series to sport the Sony linux ROM. And it's a very decent device. Doubles up as a DAC, and bluetooth receiver so my car, which doesn't have an interchangeable radio, nor does it have Bluetooth, is provided the later thanks to this feature on the A55.

And then Mr Walkmans firmware on the device makes it better too, with tweaked sound signatures. Bluetooth is okay, but try to use it with anything like the Sony Linkbuds, and the connection is poor. Battery life is pretty damn good on them.

A100 series however. Whilst they sport Android, and the ability to search your library in the Sony music app, it loses Bluetooth receiver, DAC, playlist mangement, and SensMe channels features among also having poor battery life thanks to Android.

Though, a new A series walkman is on the horizon.