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Much of MB V3.2.6827 sync functionality works with the Creative ZEN portable device. Here's some info you may find useful.

1) To get MB to access a ZEN, you must first set Preferences, Devices, [✓] detect MTP devices.

2) MB's default device config for a Creative ZEN (Music, Settings) is less than ideal e.g. excludes playlists.

I recommend:

a) In Device, Music, set [✓] synchronise playlists
If you don't want unplaylisted tracks too, set [✓]synchronise music.

b) In Device, Settings:
 * set (*) preserve folders and filenames
     This is to avoid this bug.    
 * set playlists path: My Playlists\
 * set save as format: PLA.

For safety, I also set:

 [✓] delete tracks that are not on the auto-sync list from the device

 on the fly conversion
  [_] split files with a cuesheet into individual tracks

 artwork storage
  (*) do not copy artwork.

That makes:

Note: If you need to restore your device config to the default, unplug the device, in Preferences, delete it, and plug it in.

3) Issues

* Sync to MTP device that already contains some of the same track files fails and crashes the device. Workaround: first delete all files from the device .
* Playlists synced by MB show as zero length, which doesn't stop them playing but causes interoperation fails with our programs.
* Preview's folder paths are often incorrect but the actual paths on the device are correct.
* On the device Music node, Folders fails to show correct path(s).

This issue found on a previous version might be present still:

* Playlist sync can fail with "Unable to find the specified file".
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