Author Topic: Keep play count and skip count up to date  (Read 1179 times)


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Hi there,
I'm just registered.
I want to use Musicbee on my PC and use a portable Musicbee on my USB-Stick. I just started with MB, so I'm happy with it. So far so good.
I like to keep my play count and skipped count up to date on PC AND USB.
For example: the song "A" was played already 10 times and now it was played 4x on PC and 7x on USB. At the end the play count is 21 (=10 + 4 + 7). Can I sync PC with USB so it works? Is there a way to do it?
Is there a special file what handle the play/skipped conter? So maybe the conters are allways up to date.
Thanks for helping.
Hopefully my English it good enought to understand what I mean.

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...why not just use the one instance of MusicBee on your USB drive?
Why have two?

If you insist on this, however, you could sync your plays to on both instances.