Author Topic: Can't ctrl + click to unselect album in "Album covers" view  (Read 846 times)


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"Album covers" view in main panel. "Show tracks for the selected albums" is ticked, with the track display style set to "directly under the selected album".
Clicking selects an album. Ctrl + clicking selects multiple albums. Ctrl + clicking unselects albums, but only until the last one. You don't seem to be able to unselect that single album in any other way than clicking on some selection in the left main panel.

However, if you have set the tracks of selected album(s) to be shown to the right or under the main panel, then ctrl + clicking does allow unselecting that last album.

I tried googling for a solution, but about the only one I found talked about using the "Reset search and browse filters" hotkey, but that does nothing when using the "Album covers" view.


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Does anyone know how to solve this without changing your panel layout, unselecting the single album, then changing the panel layout back again?  :-[


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The only way I can see is if you have something set as a Group By option, clicking that heading text will deselect all albums.

Would be nice if there was a more logicl way to do it though, like clicking on an empty part of the background.
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