Author Topic: Musicbee library/popcast/ access everywhere with internet  (Read 892 times)


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I want it to be simple

1. I have windows 10 laptop in which my MB library is stored. This laptop is at my office, running 24/7, internet access 24/7. I can use Teamviewer to control it all the time

2. I have Ipad, Android phone, Iphone, a bluetooth speaker at home, which is not at same network with my office of course

3. My needs are as below

3.1. I want to access/browse my MB library as playlist/album/genre/artists from my home, via my phone/tablet and play them through my Bluetooth speaker. Can this be done with Kodi installed on my office PC and Kodi on my phone/tablet????

I use to update my playcount and love tracks, but the rating is impossible to be update.

Any suggestion is highly appreciated
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