Author Topic: "Bloated" Software Lie  (Read 1351 times)

Music Noumon

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I'm tired of hearing how full featured software is "bloated"!
Is this the reason why Apple dumbed down iTunes?
Because they listened to the bloated software hype.

I'm using a refurbished ACER that I bought for $200 dollars.
The largest software runs just fine on my hardware.
It doesn't on yours?

What are you using?   
A netbook with Heathkit motherboard made with recycled resistors?

The bloated software critique is a blatant lie!
I don't notice any bloat with my $200 hardware!
Don't listen to them Steven!   It's nonsense!
Make your software as bloated as you wanna.

I want Steven to continue adding more and more features.
Satisfy everyone's wishlist requests.


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Software bloat it's also about feature creep, not just performance.

Music Noumon

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Feature Creep is also nonsense.
Is that why Apple removed the dark grid color scheme from iTunes?
I was forced to use iTunes with white color scheme.
Because dark only serves a few users?

Fortunately Steven doesn't think that way!
He offers dozens of dark skins for Music Bee.

Don't listen to this nonsense Steven!
You can add features all the while making them as unobstrusive as possible.
Just hide the features in menu lists so the program continues to look clean.
Music Bee will only load that module when the user clicks on it.
That way bloat is minimized.

I don't want to mess up the clean look of Music Bee.
You don't have to if the features are organized correctly!
More features will add more flexibility and possibilities.
Empower the user with more.

There are a few requests Steven has chosen to ignore.
Karaoke, logo image and a Notes Editor!
I think you should make everyone happy.
Add all that stuff.

Feature creep is a bad thing?
I don't think so!
Apple lost me to Music Bee because they think that way.
If you want fewer features, you can always switch to iTunes.
Less is less, more is better.
Music Bee will be our full featured alternative.

We want Steven to grant our wishes.