Author Topic: Windows 10 1903 update prroblem with NAS  (Read 635 times)


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I tried this W10 update and found that it had a detrimental effect on my WD NAS file transfers. It led me to believe that there was an issue in using MB 3.3 as anytime I tried to access a share on my NAS MB would appear to stall.

I found that it was not just MB that was being affected but any transfer from a WD share to PC desktop when the transfer was a largish folder eg around 1GB.

I reverted to W10 1803 17134.858 and everything works well again.

Has anyone else experienced similar with 1903 and if so were you able to resolve it. I am aware the Microsoft will release 1903 on us all soon so would like to limit the negative impact on using my NAS.


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I am running the 1903 update on multiple computers, and I have had zero problems accessing either my new Netgear ReadyNAS or a very old Seagate NAS.  Not only does every W10 computer and every application access the audio, video, and data files just fine, but my Android phones AND my Samsung TV have no problems playing the music or videos stored there either.

In addition, just in the last week I copied around 6TB of files to the ReadyNAS without problems.  I have not, however, done any similar mass copies back from the NAS.