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Music Noumon

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The potential of the multimedia computer is finally being realized.
We have music and pictures.
But what about text?
Let's bring text back in!

It's not the same this time with the auto-pick color scheme!
Text simply looks beautiful the way Steven handles it on the song list auto-pick panel!
What Steven has done with text is superior too.
Let the end-user add notes and mark up MB with notes giving us total control of the text too.

I'm using Green Eclipse StickyPad and Simple Sticky Notes programs to make notes.
But it would be nice if MB would offer a notes editor that is associated with an album or artist or individual song!
The notes would be saved inside the album, artist or song embedded data!

There is a comments box for each individual song.
But that comment box could be expanded upon.

Create a simple notes editor so we can add text to the albums, artists and songs.

With a toggle switch between Header, SubHeader and Text.

Also a toggle switch between 3 auto-pick color schemes and 3 user-defined.

We could have floating annotations that can be resized to fit anywhere on the screen and associated with the MB program!
Then specific notes that are associated with an album, artist or song.

The option to have an icon representing the notes on top of the album artwork in the left bottom corner or the option
of disabling the notes feature!

With Steven at the helm, we could have a superior notes editor to add notes!

A lot of people want to add tour dates and artist info to the artist or album!
Give us more power Steven!
Blow iTunes out of the water!

My vision is for a notes editor that is customized specifically for music!
The music is the dominant media.
But with text, the power of music can go further.

There is plenty of open source code to create a notes editor!
You can do this better too!
It should take you one week!

Thank you for what you have done so far.
MB is a success!


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There is plenty of open source code to create a notes editor!
You can do this better too!
It should take you one week!
Never tell a developer how long something will take.
Download the latest MusicBee v3.5 patch from here.
Unzip into your MusicBee directory and overwrite existing files.

The Wiki
Posting screenshots is here
Searching the forum with Google is  here

Music Noumon

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Music Bee is a labor of love for Steven.
Writing a Notes Editor is not.    It's a chore.
But some housekeeping is necessary too.
A Notes Editor adds some basic functionality.

I have an idea!
Contact the guys who created those other Note Editors.
And make a deal with them.
In exchange for their source code, you'll give them the
source code to your improved Note Editor.

Play back the power.