Author Topic: SACD.ISO support  (Read 2006 times)


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I really would like to see SACD.ISO support for MusicBee
Would this be possible?

SACD.ISO has the advantage over DSF files, that SACD.ISO is 2.5X smaller in size than DSF !
So can you imagine how many extra storage we would need when we have to convert all your SACD.ISO's to DSF....?

Please make MusicBee the best music player, and implement SACD.ISO in the future


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I heavy-heartedly began to use foobar2000   :'( instead of MB due to the same reason. I can read directly .iso files now (just a little more CPU usage, but much lesser hdd space) and even I can tag them (with the help of an external .xml file). MB remains however my first preference and I still hope one day I will come back to it for playing my SACD.iso files.  8)


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