Author Topic: Can you recover saved tags after a crash?  (Read 540 times)


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I’ve just started using MusicBee and I’m doing massive amounts of tag editing with about a 30k song library. I’ve had this happen twice now. I edit a lot and then I delete a file and the program goes unresponsive (possibly bc it’s a file that’s currently playing) and I have to end process. I'm not too worried about the crash, I think this has been a reported bug for a while. I'm more concerned with when I load back up, all my hard work is gone and this time I lost a lot--everything from M to P has been returned back to how they were before I changed the tags. However, these files should be saved with those tags correct? I changed everything from track numbers to artwork and the status bar shows that they save. I'm new so is there a way to scan those files back in or do my changes save to a database file until I auto-organize the files?
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Hi, welcome to the forum!

As long as the tag changes were successfully saved, you should be able to rescan the files and the database will be corrected. It's just the database that isn't saved in a crash.

You can use right click, send to, rescan files to rescan a selection of files, so you don't have to rescan everything.
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