Author Topic: Setting to configure how the middle mouse button search is executed  (Read 144 times)


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Currently, if you middle click on a value in any field MB executes a search with the parameter "<field> IS <value>". I would like a setting to control this that's more akin to the custom search where beside "is" you can chose "contains", "does not contain" and so on.

The problem with the current configuration is that I don't use the regular <title> tag in main panel, I use a virtual tag comprised of two tags, <title> and <trackinfo>, where trackinfo contains information such as live recordings, 5.1 mixes and so on. If I come across a track in my library and want to do a quick search to see if I have a 5.1 mix of that track, the search would come up empty even if such a version exists as the middle click search is looking for exact matches.