Author Topic: Re-Creating Playlist with Native Files  (Read 1472 times)


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Hello, everyone!

I'm a long-time MusicBee user and have run into my first MusicBee dilemma that's finally required me to create an account here because no one else has seem to have asked this question — which is no surprise as vague as I'm sure it seems upon first read. But I have run into a strange problem after finally severing myself from iTunes and beginning to sync my iPod Classic with MusicBee. That alone has not brought any issues (I can't believe I didn't do this sooner!) but my desire for a seamless experience syncing has.

I have synced my iPod and iTunes via a playlist that I threw new files on and would sync to update them onto my iPod. After a recent update on iTunes, I had to restore from an older iTunes which did not include the same, updated version of that playlist on my iPod, which meant that I cannot sync my iPod with iTunes anymore and can't copy that playlist from iTunes over to MusicBee unfortunately since it isn't the correct one.

I thought I found a workaround with this by copying the playlist on the iPod itself into MusicBee by exporting it and importing it. And here is where the problem manifested itself: the playlist paths are of course the song paths on the iPod, not to the paths on my local drive! Example:

My tenuous goal here is to recreate the playlist, for which every file exists on my local drive, with the files that lead to my local drive instead of to my iPod. In the example above, which is Sia's Chandelier, I have the same exact file on my drive, well, except that it's not AAC because I do convert to AAC before syncing with my iPod (which I still do in MusicBee) but the tags are the exact same.

I'm asking if there exists some way for me to accomplish this in MusicBee or if you have any suggestions of how I could do this, whether it's copying the playlist or some other idea.