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See Main Topic here:

This is a topic that start 7 years ago. I was about to reply to this but probably going to get a "make a new topic, don't revive thread." so I considered posting it as a wishlist hoping that it get support.

For those who is stuck in the same position as me

Note: Converting it other format using MusicBee (FLAC, mp3, etc) won't work. You will still hear "white noise".
Searching for information on this review that not many music player support it natively (so you can assume Musicbee won't too either).
Foobar does support it, but you have to manually inside a plugins for it.
Alternatively you can use a converter (not Musicbee one), but you might lose it "DTS" feature.

Supposedly it does work if you willing to change your Audio Output setting or have to hardware for it (speaker/soundcard).

Alternatively, you can easily play it with any modern (and possible outdated) mediaplayer, MPC-HC, MPC-BE or the like. I assume any player with DirectShow or LAVFilter will work playing it. Whether these media player truly take advantage of the DTS 5.1 channel is another matter, but atleast you won't get the "White Noise".
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Just to note, Musicbee WILL play (or pass through, not sure which) DTS files with a DTS file extension. It will NOT play them when they're in a FLAC wrapper. The problem with the DTS extension is Musicbee doesn't recognize any tags in them, though it does when they're FLAC. Frustrating. I like Musicbee a lot, and have another player that will play DTS when in FLAC wrapper, but I hate having more than one program for the same purpose, especially as a Music Library.