Author Topic: Lossy flac file extension changes from .lossy.flac to .flac when moving  (Read 1003 times)


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There is an official naming schema for lossyflac and lossywav files.

See the following where the author of LossyWAV describes the naming schema repeatedly;

MusicBee is not following this schema consistently, particularly when moving or copying files to an organised folder. It does follow the schema when ripping files in the first place.

The expected behaviour in this case would be that the official naming schema of .lossy.flac or .lossy.wav would be followed without dropping the .lossy part of the double file extension as described on the hydrogen audio wiki and various other places, or to give the option to drop the .lossy part of the filename extension, but only as an opt-out option.

See also the following discussion, which was an attempt to submit this as a bug that was moved to questions;
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