Author Topic: Can't edit some files / Red exclamation mark  (Read 928 times)


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I have a problem again.
I had to re-install MB and when scanned the folders for new files, some songs turned up without any artists and titles.
When I try to edit the files, I can do nothing. It says it failed editing. Also there's that red exclamation mark next to the save button. Which says the files were probably edited outside of MB and need to be re-scanned. I didn't edit them outside of MB, and nothing happens when I re-scann them. I looked up if the files are read-only but they aren't and in the properties they already have a title, artist, etc.
I have no idea what's the problem actually is. I hope someone here can help me.
I included 2 pictures so you can take a look at the problem yourself.

Picture 1 - MB | Picture 2 - Properties

Thanks in Advance


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Did you use the "MusicBee > Edit > Saved Settings > Load Settings Snapshot" after reinstalling MusicBee?
If yes and your MusicBee is installed to a different path or something that may effect permissions, possibly.

Can you edit any files in MusicBee? Do you use any "preferences > library > auto-organisation" settings?


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I didn't use "Load Setting Snapshot" and I also don't have any files for auto-organisation.
MB is installed on C:// and I get my music from F:// but I have around 10.000 songs on there and just like 100 don't work.
Which is weird to me.


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if you send me a link to a zip of one of the files i will have a quick look