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Hi There

I have read the sticky (MusicBee Wont start) and tried all the suggested fixes. It worked fine until I uninstalled it and cleaned out all traces of it and then re-installed ver 3.1

Now when I try and launch it the Log shows:

16/07/2018 17:36:04 - 10.0.17134.0 - 3.1.6590.32668 - System.IO.IOException: The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect. [\MusicBee\]
   at #=zqg0hrlxkHop9w8o2KeKZOKU=.#=zetvDJYDN1uDM.#=zNVd0Ejk=.#=z$b4FAYM=(#=zvHWloaU9N3K2Vc6G0arSWeQ= #=zYTvgTQQ=, Boolean #=zPbCwxcRwD3dI)
   at #=zxZ4IE5sI9BaSw2tl_deG6L0=.#=zl3wruas=.#=zufXd5eE=(#=zvHWloaU9N3K2Vc6G0arSWeQ= #=zYTvgTQQ=)
   at #=zxZ4IE5sI9BaSw2tl_deG6L0=.#=zCYDZ5TtKO$fJ(#=zvHWloaU9N3K2Vc6G0arSWeQ= #=zYTvgTQQ=)
   at #=zNi5SwjbJAMGXLrmyPHQZYNyVxL3u.Main(String[] args)

Suggesting we change from Avast (Who now own AVG or vice versa) isn't really a good suggestion as they claim to be the second or third biggest in the world now with the merger.

My Windows version is 10.0.17134.165] on a 2nd Gen i7 with 32Gb DDR-1600 Ram. I boot from a 256mb SSD but my Music collection is on an 8 Tb Data drive (I Consolidated 4 x 2Tb Seagates as they were aging.

Any suggestions. I really like MusicBee and Silverjuke, but sadly Silverjuke despite being a paid for product doesn't get any support or updates, totally ignored once they have your cash and it's buggy from the start.

Thanks in Anticipation



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Are you trying with the Windows Store version, the portable version, or the full install version?

The error message indicates that the path to musicbee.exe isn't correct, although there could be more to the message than that.

If you use AVG or Avast, and have not tried whitelisting musicbee.exe, then I'd start there. Your comment that users "change from Avast... isn't really a good suggestion as they claim to be the second or third biggest..." is meaningless. Size doesn't matter. And both have a proven history of messing with MusicBee. So if you use one of them, and refuse to try MB with it whitelisted in your AV software, then you're not going to get much help here. I suggest you try it it and report back.
Download the latest MusicBee v3.5 or 3.6 patch from here.
Unzip into your MusicBee directory and overwrite existing files.

The Wiki
Posting screenshots is here
Searching the forum with Google is  here


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as a guess it looks like you are running the full install version of musicbee against a settings file created by the portable version of MB