Author Topic: Other screen always turns black even when I don't enable Blackout other monitors  (Read 710 times)


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I connected my TV to my laptop through HDMI and I started Theater Mode on my TV, I kept "Screen Saver" of Theater Mode on but I didn't enable "Blackout other monitors", but my laptop screen still turned black (It didn't turn off completely) after the time I set for Screen Saver in Theater Mode (I don't use any Windows Screen Saver). This happened even when I start Theater Mode manually or let it automatically start after the screen saver time I set. Is there any way to keep both screen on without turning off Theater Mode Screen Saver? I just don't want to enable and disable it and reset the screen saver wait time every time I disconnect and connect my laptop to my TV.

I'm using the latest version of MusicBee, but this happened both yesterday (Before the update) and today (After the update)
And I'm using the latest version of Windows 10
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