Author Topic: MB embedded art doesn't display properly in WMP and W10 File Explorer  (Read 687 times)


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I have used MB to rip and tag my music collection.
I embed my artwork in the files.
Usually I use FLAC, but sometimes WMA lossless.

I tried re-saving and re-embedding the artwork, but got the same result.

The artwork displays fine in MB but not in WMP (Windows Media Player) or in the W10 (Windows 10 File Explorer preview pane).
In WMP and W10 about 25% of the artwork displays, and the bottom 75% is some odd color (the odd color varies).

Here is a screenshot (it's a jpg)

Any ideas?
Anyone else having this issue?

Thank you!


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I really doubt there is any musicbee bug as it uses the official flac library to read and save tags.
I suggest you try a more robust application to view the artwork than WMP or file explorer eg. mp3Tag