Author Topic: Converting from .m4a (ALAC) to FLAC changes all embedded cover type  (Read 1430 times)


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I'm using the latest version of MusicBee on Windows Store

I just tried converting my .m4a ALAC files to FLAC but their embedded cover type got changed from "Front Cover" to "Other"

My converter settings:

After converting, some tags can't be read by Windows Explorer anymore, but MusicBee and Mp3Tag can still read them. I don't know if it's a huge problem or not, but I think I should mention it.

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i am not able to reproduce any issues. However with .m4a files, there is no cover type field in the file, so if you set it in MB then that setting only exists in the MB database. If you set it in another application then that application will have its own way of displaying a value but it wont exist in the artwork tag.
So when you convert the file in MB, unless you set the cover type in MB, then I would expect the type to say "Unknown". If you set the field in MB then it works fine