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as far as i see, there might be a bug with handling multible artists in an album.

If all multible artists on every track are the same, then they are seperated correctly (see artists_at_musicbee32_1.jpg).

But if the multible artists differ from track to track inside an album, there something happens (see artists_at_musicbee32_2.jpg).

-> Some artists are seperated, some artists are shown als artist1\\artist2\\artist3

There is no difference if ID3v2.3 or ID3v2.4 is used.

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Hi, welcome to the forum!

I don't see a bug here, just incorrect tags. MusicBee definitely doesn't add // to multiple tags. If you're sure that all the artists are correctly split (check with the [...] button to see multiple artists), then you probably just need to remove the display artist value, which you can do with the tag inspector or Remove Tags from the Tool menu.

Edit: After looking at your screenshots again, you definitely have some artist values that are not split. Anywhere you see the // divider in the artist browser, open the multiple artist splitter to make sure that the separate artists are there. Then you can remove the display artist and it will show correctly
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Oh, thank you.  :)  I made my tags with mp3tag and have thaught that writing \\ is the right way to split multible tags.

The reason of the shown phenonema was that some tracks were hiding a "shownartist", a "involvedpeople" or similar tags, containing these strings of artists, and MusicBee took these tags in the list of artists.

So i just had to remove these tags and everything works well now.

But ... what's the right way to split artists in mp3tag? :)
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 you can  use a ;  to split artists   eg Abba;Ac/dc  music bee also has a artists  splitter in the tag editor  you can use  also ; can split  fields  like genre or  whatever  you like