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Top Middle of page shows 2016/2018 is this suppose to be years of albums in library or something else?


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Without a screenshot I'm not sure, but that could be AZ bar showing years of tracks in the main panel when sorted by any date column.


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Yes, you're sorted by a date field. If you click 2016 it'll jump to albums from that year.  If you click 2018, it'll jump to albums from that year. 

If you sort by a different field (an alphabetical one), that'll change to A-Z.


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how to change that date say 1960-2018


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It only displays the years that you have in your library/playlist, it says 2016 7 2018 so you only have music from those three years in that library/playlist (it displays years between decades smaller to save space).


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Yes, but what are you sorting by? Date added?
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