Author Topic: Further development of Internet radio support  (Read 702 times)


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I have copied some internet radio URLs into the Musicbee Radio tab and found that the ability to organize the radio stations is very limited.
The application I normally use for Internet radio is "Tapinradio", this application allows me to organize my stations in a two level hierarchical fashion so I can have a "blues" category with all of my blues stations under it.
The ability for Musicbee to load and display artist info in theater mode from the internet while playing internet radio is VERY Nice!


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To organize my station listings I put my own entry into "Category" in the edit box (Chillout, Alternative, etc) and sort the list by that.  I leave "Genre" alone and don't display it, although you could do the same thing there.  That said, the ability to drag stations into list positions with the mouse would be a nice addition.