Author Topic: Musicbee Will not resume from Sleep Mode  (Read 1056 times)


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When using Music Bee 3.1.6590...
I have a dedicated computer to listen to my music collection & internet radio,
we use the "Sleep" button each night when we go to bed, the next day we "wake" the
computer and music bee resumes playing but only the audio that was in the buffer,
it stops playing after about 3 seconds, while in theater mode the background art
continues to be updated but no music is played. To start the music I need to open
the play list panel an click the item in the list (the internet radio station)
to restart the Internet Radio station again.
In preferences-playback I have selected the option to resume playback on startup.
When using other apps (Tapinradio...) the music always resumes when the computer is wakened.
This issue is 100% repeatable.


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I have been chasing this for a while. In my case, there were a few things happening in the O/S and 3rd part drivers. I am on an insider release of win 10. So with each update, there was the potential for a new issue or an old one returning.
You didn't mention what O/S you are using so I will assume windows 10
Changing your power settings is obvious but what may not be is windows controlling of USB ports and disk drives ( I will get into that)  which are real culprits in sleep/wake-related hangs. Enabling developer mode gives additional power options including "Never sleep while plugged in"  Try this first to see what happens

The hardest one to figure out was a setting in Intel Ready mode Which comes on Dell, HP, and Other Intel-based machines. Until I found this Windows 10 keeps changing the power saving settings behind my bac

Another mystery hang was resolved by using the portable version of MusicBee

I will need to go.  I will come back later to finish.
 I also had an issue with a USB cable disconnect - since I store all my music on an external drive this was an issue.


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Your reply brings up way more possibilities than I thought about. Your assumption was correct, I am using windows 10 on my dedicated music computer, I will look at some of these areas you mentioned.
I am currently using the "TapinRadio" app on the same computer for my internet radio listening, this app works well transitioning from the Sleep to Wake modes, it also plays the music left in the buffer when the computer was put to sleep while automatically re-connecting to the radio station URL to resume station playback (different song) without any human intervention.   This is what I was hoping for from Music Bee and I figured if TapinRadio performed this way that Music Bee should be able to do the same thing on the same OS.
This is not a typical scenario and probably is not tested during most software development, Raimersoft (Tapinradio) had the same problem with this issue but after I pointed it out they fixed it.

I don't know if the Windows team intentionally changes system settings after an update (thinking they know best) or if this issue is an over site in the middle of a very challenging task, at one time media streaming was shut off every time Windows was updated, they finally fixed this.