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Hi Steve,

It would be great to extend the Artist Profile of the Artist / Band with more info and adjustable Hyperlinks.

I used Freddy Mercury as an example and not the other band members like Brian May, Roger Taylor and John Deacon.

Artist / Band: Queen
Formed: 1970
Artistname + Picture: Freddie Mercury
Role: Lead Vocals, Piano
Real Name: Farrokh Bulsara
Born: 5 september 1946
Died: 24 november 1991

Etc. Etc.

Maybe you or other people have even more ideas how to set this up, but I think this would be a nice feature to include in MusicBee.




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Hi Steve,

It would be really great to have an option when you can get more background information about the band / members in the Artist Profile.

Band: Krezip

Background Information:

Years active: 1997-2009
Origin: Tilburg, Netherlands
Genre(s): Rock / Pop
Label(s): Warner Music (1999-2004) Sony BMG (2005-2009)


Zang: Jacqueline Govaert (1997-2009)
Gitaar: Anne Govaert (1997-2009)
Bas: Joost van Haaren (1997-2009)
Toetsen: Annelies Kuijsters (1997-2009)
Gitaar: Jan Peter Hoekstra (2004-2009)
Drums: Bram van den Berg (2005-2009)

Past members:

Drums   Thijs Romeijn (1997-2004)
Gitaar   Thomas Holthuis (2001-2003)

A lot of this information is available on the website below:

I hope this is possible, what do you think ?