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I enjoy the flexibility of the File Organizer, but with all due respect I find it a little lacking in two areas.

1) It is hard to keep track of the filter rules because a user is unable to name them.  Ideally, the user names one or a few settings and update those accordingly.  When they get updated, they don't add additional presets to the list.  Thus, the preset drop-down menu will not fill up with incremental improvements to named presets.

2) Exceptions can pile up thick and fast and they (without a scrollbar) may take up the entire screen eventually thereby eliminating the preview panel below (see pic above).

I consolidated the rule and exceptions to a single rule below, but it is saved only when I click "Save" and "Proceed", which is understandable to see a preview of the rule's effect.  What happens is that I have most of it down initially, but later I find an exception I'd like to add.  Without having to deal with the potential of another #2 scenario arising, I modify the formula and see if it provides the desired result in the preview pane.  I have to hit proceed for it to be saved and then I run into issue #1.

$If($Or(<Album Artist>="Brian Eno",$Contains(<Album Artist>,"Brian Eno")="T"),"Brian Eno",$If($Or(<Genre>="Alternative",<Genre>="Rock"),"Alternative and Rock",$If($Or(<Genre>="Anime",<Genre>="Game"),"Soundtrack - "<Genre>,$If(<Genre>="New Wave","80s, New Wave, and Synthpop",$If($Or(<Genre>="House",<Genre>="Acid Jazz"),Dance,$If($Or(<Genre>="Gothic",<Genre>="Post-Punk"),"Gothic or Post-Punk",$If(<Genre>="Rap","Hip Hop",$If(<Genre>="Jungle","Drum & Bass",$If($Or(<Genre>="Lounge",<Genre>="Downtempo"),"Lounge & Nu-jazz",$If(<Genre>="Nu-jazz","Lounge & Nu-jazz",$If($Or(<Genre>="Instrumental Rock",<Genre>="Post-Rock"),"Post-Rock and Instrumental Rock",$If(<Genre>="Singer/Songwriter",Singer-Songwriter,$If($Or(<Genre>="Experimental",<Genre>="No Wave"),Avantgarde,$If(<Genre>="Synthpop","Synthpop (Modern Day)",$If(<Genre>="Drone",Ambient,<Genre>)))))))))))))))\$If(<Album Artist>="Various Artists","VA - "<Album>" ("<Year>")"\<Filename>,$If($Or(<Album Artist>="Brian Eno",$Contains(<Album Artist>,"Brian Eno")="T"),$IsNull(<DateCustom>,"("<Year (yyyy)>".00.00) "<Album>\<Filename>,"("<Year (yyyy)>.<DateCustom>") "<Album>\<Filename>),$If(<Genre>="Classical",$RSplit(<Composer>," ",1)" - "<Album>" ("<Year>")"\<Filename>,$If($IsMatch(<Album Artist>,"^The\s")="F",<Album Artist>\$IsNull(<DateCustom>,"("<Year (yyyy)>".00.00) "<Album>\<Filename>,"("<Year (yyyy)>.<DateCustom>") "<Album>\<Filename>),$Sort(<Album Artist>)\$IsNull(<DateCustom>,"("<Year (yyyy)>".00.00) "<Album>\<Filename>,"("<Year (yyyy)>.<DateCustom>") "<Album>\<Filename>)))))
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Sorry to boost such an old topic, but has this been addressed in any way?  I'm having a similar action, using specific Genre functions for my organizing techniques.  would love to see both of these requests implemented someday :)


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2) is done for v3.3, where the exceptions are displayed in a scrollable panel once there are several. I am not sure when i will make it available for now