Author Topic: Option to display Artist/Album counts in the Column Browser.  (Read 2605 times)


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Currently there is an option to display the number of tracks in each category of the column browser:

 I thought it might occasionally be more useful to see the number of albums associated with a given category. At that point, why not support also being able to select Artist/Album Artist

Eventually it might even make sense for the total time of each category to be an option, but that's probably getting into more difficult to implement territory.

Thanks a lot for your consideration!


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Apologies for dead thread revival, but this request would also resolve the question in this new thread:

Below is my suggested approach from that thread.

I think it wouldn't be too hard to add a second option to the context menu so this section would have:
* Show Track Count
* Show Album Count

A column heading of either "Tracks" or "Albums" could be displayed, which would also make it more discoverable that you can click to sort it.
This heading might need to be optional to avoid crowding the Column Browser heading row with text, either for narrow displays, layouts with lots of columns or just user preference for a cleaner look.
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not directly what is asked for but something near can already be achieved with the $Count() function eg. create a virtual tag:
<Artist> ($Count(<Album>,<Artist>))
<Album Artist> ($Count(<Album>,<Album Artist>))