Author Topic: Visual Bug in Album Artwork Manager  (Read 1015 times)


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1. On Playlists tab, select some tracks in a playlist to run Album Artwork Manager on
2. Tools->Artwork->Album Artwork Manager
3. See tracks from an album you want to tag.  You'll want to tag the entire album, not just playlist tracks, so you right click->Search->Find Album.
4. New Tab opens with full album.  Tag or decide not to tag, same thing happens either way
5. Close this tab. You are returned to Album Artwork Manager on the Playlists Tab, but now the Playlist Explorer is open at the left, covering the leftmost area of the panel

This does not happen if you start from the Music tab in step one (library explorer does not open over the information in Album Artwork Explorer) although, in both instances, focus is not returned to the main panel where it was when you left.

Workaround is to close the Album Artwork Manager and rerun it, but this is not great when you have hundreds of tracks you want to tag.  You'd expect the tool's state when you return to be as it was when you navigated away.


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