Author Topic: Volume Analysis adds an empty tag in FLAC files with a "16" value  (Read 949 times)


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Since the last few versions of v3.2 (currently v3.2.6721), when I do a volume analysis on FLAC files, MusicBee adds a nameless tag with a value of "16".


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That's the Bit Depth.  MusicBee adds this value now when scanning lossless files.  Check this forum thread for display options:


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This version will no longer write the unnecessary info for new files. You would need to manually delete using mp3tag if you want to remove existing ones


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Thanks for the report, theG!
Just cleared up the field using mp3tag. In my collection, it first started with albums analyzed in May 11. It might have started 2 days earlier, but albums in May 8 were clear.
Open those tracks in mp3tag> select all and right click> Extended tags> find a blank field at the top and remove it> save.

[edit] No, it was earlier than that. It first started in May 3.
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