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I would love to see android player that would play music in android and synch its playcount in desktop player and scrobble as well so it would be whole musicbee world it would be really great!!!!


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i'm already stretched just with a windows based player so its not something i would be able to do.
I'm sure there would be android players that sync playcounts to, so you could just automatically synch MB playcount to (in the Plugin preferences). However that doesnt work well if you have the same track on multiple albums.
I will also at some point later look at whether there is a way to detect playcounts on android devices so MB could synch that way.


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Well i can see you have quite busy schedule thanx and hope you get time in future by the way well i'll find some another way which is not possible according to you at the moment thanks anyway and your desktop client is too good to believe ill try to report if anything goes wrong!!!