Author Topic: Made a plugin on my PC, but what to do next?  (Read 2937 times)


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I'm new to Visual Studio and C# and all that jazz, so not sure on the exact process for things. I've downloaded the CSharpDll project, renamed a bunch of stuff to suit my plugin, and edited what was TestCSharpDll.cs and implemented all my functionality. So the plugin is functioning on my computer. What do I do now though?
1) Do I keep MusicBeeInterface.cs?
2) Do I change the namespace from MusicBeePlugin?
3) Do I change in any way `public partial class Plugin`?
4) Anything else I need to do to get this onto github?
5) How do I generate a dll that other people can use, without having to build the project themselves?
6) How do I get that onto github easily? Does it auto go into a separate repo?
7) How do I get the plugin listed on this site?
Like I said, I'm newb in this regards, so please advise.

FYI - My plugin is used to skip certain songs when you are listening on shuffle play, and does so by reading a tag from the song. It is working pretty good, although there are some limitations with the API, but I will address that once the plugin is "released".


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someone created a wiki page on:
but i cant find it.
I suggest you look at some of the open source plugins such as the tag tools plugin

2-no, change the assembly name so the dll you want is generated
3-prob not
7-set up a forum topic in the plugins section and when ready to submit, go to the add-ons page add it from there. I will need to approve the first one


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7-Steven is wrong. go to dashboard and add new add-on. Steven will need to approve your 1st add-on, later all your add-ons will be auto-approved.
4-VS has own repo system (not github). but ofc you can upload your project to github manually.
5-go to <your project folder>\bin\release and zip your dll, upload zip to, post link to it on the forum.
6-see 4.