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Hi All

I recently bought a Sony NW-A45 DAP which, unfortunately, does NOT work with the Replaygain tags in my FLAC files... Sony's own "normalizer" setting is pretty worthless.

When transferring the music/playlists to the Sony, checking the "Level Volume" box just writes the tags on the fly, it doesn't permanently alter the volume.

After trying a few other options I've decided the best thing to do is duplicate my entire library and permanently change the volume of the tracks to the Replaygain values, an option I think MB allows.

Does anyone know how to make an exact duplicate of my library; albums, tracks, playlists, metadata, layout etc? I really don't want to have to rebuild it from scratch.

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I think it only levels the volume when re-encoding. Otherwise, you'd need to make a copy of your library by copying files to another location and permanently alter that library's volume.
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