Author Topic: Ability to disable the "appears on" separation of albums in the music explorer  (Read 1233 times)


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Title, or refining how it functions.

I commented this on the wishlist post for "appears on" that was actualised, but seeing as it's been a week I figured I'd make a separate post about it. I'm not huge on the display, and whilst I think it's a good idea for features, as it exists it breaks collaborative albums as MusicBee can't match a partial album artist. Pictured below, Geoff Zanelli wrote additional music for the majority of albums listed. I'm happy with that appearing in the appears on section.

However, albums like Christopher Robin or Mortdecai officially have a dual album artist credit as they were a collaborative effort between two composers. Because album artists can't be split ala individual artist tags, MusicBee can't locate Geoff Zanelli in the Geoff Zanelli & Jon Brion album artist tag, and so it pushes the album (and any others like it, which I have dozens and dozens of for composers like Hans Zimmer) to "appears on" section when they're primary albums by the respective artists.

Hopefully I haven't just missed this option lol


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Because album artists can't be split ala individual artist tags
There's no splitter built into the text field but you can absolutely enter multiple album artists, separated by a semi-colon.

Having looked at this more closely, I don't think your problem is solved by having multiple album artists.
I've posted on the original thread which might lead to a better solution than just outright disabling the Appears On section (although people may still not want it for other reasons).
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