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Hi to all!

I need "little" help with Picard and MusicBee.

For many years I was using only foobar2000 and there is all great with tags writen with Picard (or any other app) but in MusicBee I can't see any tags from Picard (I can see but only with Tag Inspector).

I see only main tags like "album", "artist", "track title" and I can' see Picard tags like "media", "isrc", "originaldate", "composer", "conductor", "catalognumber", "label" etc.

Same thing is with tags writen with "foo_discogs" (Discogs plugin in foobar2000), I can' see tags like "DISCOGS_CATALOG", "DISCOGS_LABEL", "DISCOGS_RELEASE_CREDITS"...
I know that's not topic but is same thing, I can see only tags like "artist", "track title", "album" and all other tags I see only in MusicBee "Tag Inspector".

Some tags are not so important (not for me) but I need basic tags like label, catalog number, release credits, year of release, original album year, conductor, composer etc.

I want to use MusicBee but how to write Picard tags, open MusicBee and see it in player tag fields?

Right click on file in MusicBee Library -> Edit -> Tags (here I see only basic info "track title", "artist", "album", "year" and that's it) -> Tags (2) (here is all empty)

Jus for test I was take one album and make two copyes.
One copy is with tags writen with "foo_discogs", other copy is with tags writen by Picard and with both copyes I see only tags with "Tag Inspector".

How to make in MusicBee to see all tags like "composer", "conductor", "original year" and all other Picard tags?

My collection is only flac. Most of albums are CD's but I have vinyl and web download like HDtracks and Tidal.
From that, I need only Vorbis tags.

It will be nice to have all that tags in MusicBee. I really don't want manually write all tags. :)

Now I'm writing again all tags and I need to write all that in few months, I don't want to write few years tag by tag. :)

When I find how to read that tags, I will have few more questions about renaming files but this is first.  ;)

Thanks for all answers and all help!
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might be better to push this to it's own thread/question as it has veruy little to do woth picard, but basic MB usage.
It should be all covered in the twiki how-to/tutorials/faqs,,,
But, in essence you need to declare all custom tags you want to see in MB, which is a bit cumbersome and limited/limiting as there's 16 available slots only unfortunately.
See Preferences -> Tags(1) - Custom tags section.