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How to Clean Nubuck Shoes (Helpful Methods)
Remove Dirt and Grime

Why should we wipe the nubuck with the nubuck cloth? Because its design is to clean this type of shoes The cleaning ingredients in the fibers of this cloth are integrated to help remove the dust and dirt and prevent the generation of grime. To start, must remove the laces. Then, wipe from many directions. By moving the cloth in the circular motions, you can wipe the whole surface of your shoes.

Similarly, by moving in a circular motion, take the nubuck brush to scrub on each of the areas for several seconds. Remember not to brush too long if you do not want to damage the surface of your shoes. You can buy it in the location stores. This is a step to clear the grime and dirt from your nubuck.

There are two forms that you can choose to use for cleaning your nubuck – liquid or aerosol. Take a nubuck cloth, spray the nubuck cleaner on there, and then wipe the whole surface of your shoes. Continue using a nubuck brush to remove the excess cleaner.

Instead of using the leather cleaner routinely, you ought to wipe your nubuck shoes with a nubuck cloth. In this way, you can make sure the lifespan of the leather. Aside from that, you also need to spray the protectant once 6 months. After applying the protectant, leave for a moment until your shoes completely dry, then, using. It would be best to apply this protective substance when you cleaned the surface of your nubuck shoes.
Get Rid of the Tough Stains

Initially, you also use a nubuck cloth to handle the stains. Your aim is to wipe away the excess as possible. Somehow, you can remove the light stains in an easy way. As mentioned, with the special design including the integrated cleaner, the nubuck cloth can easily clean the surfaces of your nubuck.

The stains are various. After using the nubuck cloth to wipe your nubuck, continue applying the leather degreaser with the aerosol form to directly spray on the stain and leave for one hour. With the oil stain, this degreaser will quickly become the powder form. When you recognize this, let use the leather cleaner in order to rub away that powder. Repeat until there are not still any powdery residue.

Unfortunately, your nubuck shoes stick ink. Don’t worry! Let’s clean them right away to avoid them to set, at least within 6 hours early. The ink lifter will help you to remove this stain type. With the design like a lip balm tube, just need to rub it on the ink area so that the lifter covers the whole stains. Then, take a nubuck cloth to wipe away.

To dry a couple of nubuck shoes, the first is to brush them to remove the remaining dirt and dust. The next, use a blow dryer to dry your shoes.
Sand off the Hard Stains

Basically, with the toughest stains, it is necessary to sand a nubuck surface. If the sanding cowhide is the structure of your shoes, it means that you can use a sandpaper to clean them. You need to have to rub a vigorous way that can remove the entire toughest stains. You can sand a specific area that you need to clean. Keep in mind, clean your shoes before applying this process.

Your shoes stick stains on all surfaces, right? Or simple, you want to sand the whole surface of your nubuck shoes. It is okay! Run the suede block on all positions that you desire to get rid of the stains. It makes sure that your shoes will not be different from the new one.

To clean the best, you need to remove residue, by using a nubuck brush. There will have dust after sanding your shoes. If you do not clean them, your shoes will continue getting stains. Therefore, use a brush to clear the excess dust.
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