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Sometimes for reasons that may well be "eccentric/peculiar", I prefer to do tagging and/or playlist creation outside of MusicBee before presenting the finished product to my MusicBee library.  Have used several taggers but the one I keep coming back to is Kid3 (  It has the ability to display ALL existing file tag types in one go, so they are easy to edit or delete individually without having to toggle an additional view option to spot APE, etc.  Other options similar to all good tag editors (batch scripts, web imports, tag conversion, etc.).  The developer is responsive via Sourceforge forum or personal email.

Kid3 will create playlists of course but I wanted an easy way to MERGE existing M3U playlists and fiddle with the contents before saving them as a single M3U.  A good, albeit dated, tool for that I've found is Playlist Creator 3.6.2. It's free, has optional no-installer zip download, and remarkably flexible for such an intuitive package. Edit:  unfortunately the Playlist Creator author's website is no more, but it is still available from some download sites.

Just two personal recommendations, feel free to post yours.  Gotta import some playlists into the Bee now  :)
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I use TagScanner on my PC.

But for Android, while i had been using AudioTagger, it lacks in advanced capabilities like Transformations found in TagScanner for Windows.
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I use mp3tag because of the huge number of features it includes.  I write up my own metadata scrapper and custom action lists, the latter to modify my tags in any way imaginable.  Even when using linux, I'd install wine just to use mp3tag after being unsatisfied with kid3 and puddletag.  Still, the latter two programs might be just fine for other users.