Author Topic: Remove the read-only attribute for all following selected files  (Read 1464 times)


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My feature request is when doing changes to multiple read-only files,
to be able to choose to automatically remove the read-only attribute from the current and any following read-only files in the selection.
Just like Mp3tag (screenshot).

Previous request of this feature: Auto remove Read-only attribute from 3 years ago. (I didn't want to bump that old thread.)

I understand it's useful to be able to approve the changes beforehand when editing a single track's tags,
but, when editing tags for multiple tracks of an album, and even more for multiple albums, especially large selections, it makes the procedure very cumbersome.
Furthermore, currently you cannot cancel the procedure with a single action either.

For example: I just tried the following:
selected multiple albums (22 albums, ~350 tracks), and then rightclicked|Edit, and simply changed their 'Genre' value:
then I started getting the confirmation popup "read-only file detected - do you still want to save the changes and update the file" for every single of the 350 files !!

Thank you

PS. Using MusicBee 3.2.6693 in win10.
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