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sorry for posting in wrong subforum

if you have a laptop that is 720p screen and dock it on a monitor that is 1080p and sometimes use musicbee on the laptop screen only and otherwise on the higher resolution screen only, the popup will appear towards the middle of the screen, as the position was remembered from the laptop screen. this is not an ideal implementation, either forcing a specific offset of pixels from a screen corner (e.g. top left like win10 music player notifications), or recalculating the target position at every launch of musicbee based on the resolution of the currently active screen would probably work better


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This is likely due to the popup location being customizable by dragging it while shown. It would be nice if the options for the popup had the ability to set its location as a coordinate relative to a screen corner. (e.g. -10px, -10px from bottom right)


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its because window coords are remembered relative left top corner. i indeed think that it would be better to remember them relative right bottom corner of the screen.


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Yes, this feature is only thing I miss in MusicBee.

It could be either implemented as position per resolution or remembered relative to the bottom right corner of screen.