Author Topic: backing up music library between two machines, both with musicbee  (Read 679 times)


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Hey all,

I need a few pointers. 

I am trying to set up Musicbee on a second machine where I keep a backup of my "Music" folder from the Musicbee folder (via Synkron).  The first machine (SOURCE) is a Windows 10 PC with the Musicbee library on a USB HDD.  The second machine (TARGET) is a Mac Mini with bootcamp. 

On the OS X side I use plex for day to day media consumption, but when I want to really dig into some music I want to use Musicbee on Windows 10 via Bootcamp, with the Paragon HFS+ driver.  The backup of my music folder from the PC is synced to my Mac Mini daily via Synkron.  I do not want to edit or manage the Mac Mini copy of my library, I just want it to be a mirror of the PC copy, where I will do all my editing and managing my collection.  On the Mac Mini, I will boot into Windows to use Musicbee simply as a player.  I plan to keep all of the library files on the C:\ drive except for the actual "Music" folder, which is already on a USB HDD connected to the Mac Mini.  At least that is my hope.

So, is it possible to have the actual "Music" folder separate from the other files in the library, in a different directory (and drive) altogether?

Can I stop Musicbee from making any changes to the library on the Mac Mini (since that will be done on the PC and synced to the Mac Mini)?

Can I have musicbee scan the "Music" folder every time it starts?

Any advice on setting up Musicbee on the Mac Mini (windows 10) to make it a smoother transition? 

Any guidance is appreciated!