Author Topic: AlbumArtist picture and volume slider in embedded TM  (Read 3638 times)


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I'm working on an embedded TM to replace the main player bar.
Something like this:

I want to include my local artist pictures, but i have a problem.
As I listen mainly Jazz, the artist name usually includes the words trio, quartet, quintet, band, etc. in the artist name. In this cases I tag the album with an AlbumArtist only with the artist name, without the trio, quartet...
But looks like in TM I can only use an artist picture, and not an AlbumArtis picture. Therefore, often the image shown is not correct (or even there is no image).
It's possible to use the AlbumArtis picture (local) instead of the Artist picture?

I've included buttons for volume up, down and mute, but I would like to use the volumen slider, for two reason:
- This way I can use the mouse scroll to control the volume.
- Without the slider I can't see the volume value and check if it' too loud when the track start playing.

Can I use the volume slider as in the default TM player?
At least, is there a volume number element, as in the Sidebar Player when the space is too narrow to show the slider?