Author Topic: Can you set a default "version" or "region" within Auto Tagging?  (Read 769 times)


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I have been systematically ripping my old caselogic full of CDs, and am looking for a solution to a hiccup in my otherwise optimized workflow.

While working, I have a secondary computer next to me that is doing the work. I have the CD Ripper set to start automatically upon detecting a CD and then spit open the tray once finished. Therefore, the only thing I should need to do is swap out CDs.

The problem is that there were multiple regional releases of a lot of CDs, and even though Auto Tagger figures out the artist and album, it opens a prompt, asking if the album is the US, JP, CA, or EU release. It will not start the auto-rip until I awkwardly lean over to the secondary computers mouse and select "US".

Since I don't own any foreign CDs, I would love to find a away for the Auto Tagging system to automatically select the US release of the album and get on with the rip.

Is there some way to assign this in the settings, or maybe a plugin? Or am I stuck having to lean over to click one thing in an otherwise completely automated process?