Author Topic: Quick method to query, filter multi-value tags (including genres and sub-genres)  (Read 845 times)


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This idea relates to the development of a new routine (plugin ??), that when activated brings up a dialog box listing the values that have been assigned to two or three multi-value tags (for instance the genre and sub-genres) for the currently selected track or album.   The user selects any combination of these, which behind the scene the routine adopts as filtering criteria; then presses OK, which closes the dialog box and quickly and automatically filters the library based upon what’s just been selected.  Below is a mock-up of what this dialog box could llool like if Kate Bush’s Hounds of Love was selected (with its tag values derived from Discogs).  From this it would be exceptionally easy for the user to filter out lets say 'Art Rock', 'Experimental' and 'Electronic' as the genre, or just 'Synth-Pop', or whatever..  

Given that some folk will be interested in things such as mood, instruments, composers etc I suggest there should be the ability to customize the routine with the user able to determine the tags that its based upon.


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There's already a few ways to do this in MB for single tags & custom groups... not for multi or cascading/relational facets though unfortunately...

Maybe this helps - the way I use this is through the Thumbnail Browser I set up to achieve the filtering part of this...
i.e. settings - always show - no thumbnails - use top filter *Name*, i.e. Genre Category (eg "Electronic" - achieved via the current Genre/SubGenre definitions inside *\MusicBee\Configuration.xml ), Genre (eg "Experimental"), etc, or custom ones.
Eg, this is the thumbnail browser, switched over to show all 'Instruments' custom tags I have in my library, which gives me a list of all of them, which in turn acts as a quick filter, and through that I can easily filter the main columns to only show/play all tracks I have tagged with '808'.

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