Author Topic: simple style: hide navigator panel and replace by now playing panel  (Read 4438 times)


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Hi Steven,

i would like to see musicbee as simple as possible, which would mean having the option to get rid of the navigator panel and replacing it with the now playing panel.
By removing the now playing panel it would also allow musicbee to reduce it's width when not using the sidetabs.

here's my suggestion:

Thanks and regards


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i'm not exactly sure what you mean even with this picture.
you can already hide the left sidebar navigator panel which you have already done from your screenshot
If you want to dock the player control panel to the right panel, you can do that by right click on the player control panel/ Display in right sidebar


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I think he means moving the controls at the bottom to the top, replacing the navigator tools (A very rough idea)


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Thanks for your replies!

Steven, I'd like to hide the right panel optionally, so moving the player controls to there wouldn't help unfortunately.

Blinghound, obviously i'm not as good with photoshop as you are, but indeed I mean to move the player controls up there (whilst configuring music bee's layout very differently from yours).

Regards all.

ps. i'm not familiar with a fruit company's player lol
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