Author Topic: Add the ability to import radio stations from m3u and pls files  (Read 2345 times)


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Sometimes i find a radio station i would like to play on MusicBee, i normally download the playlist from the radio's website and import this into the radio section of the library so i can scrobble the music that the radio plays. The thing is, there's no easy way to import the playlists to the radio library. In many cases is this in m3u of pls files. While MusicBee can read those playlist fine by dragging the playlist into the playlists section, but i can't easily select those streams and put them in the Radio library from both inside and outside MusicBee.

I would like to have this function something like this:
If you open a m3u of pls playlist or any playlist that has a radio stream in it (which you can see with a globe icon next the the name), give it a right-click option to send that stream to the radio library. This option should be in the "Send to" section of the right-click menu.
Adding drag-and-drop support of this function could be a bonus for more convenience.

Also, the import function of the radio library, which you can access by right-clicking the radio icon in the library panel, could also have support for those playlists so you can easily import every radio station in the radio library. This should only accept the radio streams in those playlists.

I hope this suggestion is clear enough to implement this feature.


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A "mod" to the above:  add ability to import stations to the Radio library from external m3u lists instead of only OPML lists or "Add new station."  Suggest that it appears as another option after choosing the "Import Stations" choice from the existing Radio context menu.