Author Topic: Just want to make it simple again...  (Read 1061 times)


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I've used MusicBee for about 5 years and been really super happy with it, once I get it set up. I don't get why people want album art and other clutter, but they do, and until now I've been able to configure to my preferences, but each release has got harder. My last set up I was very happy with looked like this:

I could filter on genre, filter on artist, filter on both, or none, & just pick & play what title or group or category I was in the mood for. No artwork, no albums or covers, no clutter!

But on my new computer, I installed the latest version of MusicBee, & I've spent a couple of hours fiddling with the options & layout to get close to what I had, no luck. Am I missing something obvious, or is that kind of layout just not possible anymore?

Absolutely the best music player I found after years of trying one after another - I hope I can get it set up my way again...


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Click on Configure Layout button just next to search box on the top right.
It has quick menus for panels and "Arrange Panels" command where you can drag and drop elements you need.
It's absolutely possible to configure your previous layout on current version.