Author Topic: BIG problem with playlists after moving music files to new directory  (Read 842 times)


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i have a really big problem with my musicbee playlists.

my musicbee library crashed irreparable, so i had to build a new one. but i also moved my whole music collection to a new directory.

the problem: musicbee wont find the mp3s in my playlists any more - because they are in a new directory.

-> shouldn't be a big deal, just edit the filepaths in the .mbp files.
but when i tried to open the playlists and edit the mp3 filepaths manually, i had no luck with that. there are a lot of strange characters between the mp3 filepaths n++ seems not be able to read correctly.

in antoher thread i read that exporting .mbp playlists to .m3u playlists would help. becaise .m3u playlists could be edited in n++ easily.
-> but musicbee wont even list my playlists, and therefor i am not able to export them. is there a way to import .mbp to musicbee - or any other solution i can get my playlists working again?

please help
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It depends on how you moved your collection.  If you just moved it DirectoryA to DirectoryB without changing anything else (sub directories or file names), you can go to File->Library->Remap Music Folders and Put the old directory under "map music files from" and the new directory under "to:" and that will do what you need.

If you totally rearranged your file structure, you're probably hosed.  Maybe someone knows some trick to editing those playlists.
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