Author Topic: Additional Tagging Tool Hotkeys : Only applies to selected row?  (Read 747 times)


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I wanted to quickly add mood tags.
I found this article:

and this tip:
just as a workaround: tag tools plugin, ASR window, copy 'toy: set tag' preset several times, fill required tag value for every copy and assign a hotkey for every copy.

It works great for the track that I have selected.

I wish it would apply to the track that is playing instead of to the track that is selected.

For example, I can make MB's built-in "rating" hotkey global and can then it will update the rating of whatever song is currently playing from whatever app I am running.

But when I assign a global hotkey to my TOY tags, it only updates the row that is currently selected.

Not sure if I need to do something different in MB or in boroda74's Additional Tagging Tools plugin.


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If you try v3.2 beta it has vertical tag editor working for either playing or selected track mode that you can add from arrange panel dialog. (unzip and overwrite to your MB program folder)


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joShu, its possible to implement what you are requesting, but not right now, because i have some other work now.


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It seems that this feature was added and then removed?

I just downloaded Additional Tagging and Reporting Tools 4.18 and my configured "mood hotkey" only works on the selected row.

boroda74, please consider adding this feature to your backlog.

Thank you